Edyoucated corporate training platform raises 2.1 million euros



It is no secret that the “modern” model of education, the one popularized over a century ago, is frankly broken. So why do we hold on to this “old school” so desperately? Well, based in Münster educated seeks to change that. At least at the level of business apprenticeship. The startup has raised 2.1 million euros and is tackling the problem head-on by assessing a learner’s prior knowledge and generating an effective learning journey based on goals and preferences. The graph-based analysis then allows companies to break down career progression modules into small, digestible concepts and combine them with learning materials.

Founded in 2019, edyoucated has worked with clients such as BASF, Fiege and MANN + HUMMEL to develop personalized skills in data management, user orientation, innovation and digitization, and reports a dramatic reduction in materials unnecessary and time consuming research.

The investment round was led by the B2B SaaS champion Up early, with First impetus and undisclosed angel investors are also participating.

“We are only scratching the surface of the potential for personalization in the area of ​​corporate learning and development and are already seeing up to 9-fold improvements in engagement and learning success,†commented the co-founder David Middelbeck.

Earlybird Paul Klemm adds, “Edyoucated has built a sophisticated AI engine that takes personalized learning to the next level. Understanding how users learn and matching high-quality content is critical.


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