Lincoln Panel Approves Preliminary Dollar Store Plans

LINCOLN – Lincoln is set for a new Family Dollar store along Pridemore Drive, across from Burgerland and next to the Lincoln Terrace apartments.

The Planning Commission approved the preliminary plan for the large-scale development of the new commercial building at its meeting on February 7. The approval was subject to a few conditions, one of which is that the city council approve an ordinance to rezone the land from residential to commercial.

The Planning Commission first approved a request for a lot division for the 4.63 acres, owned by Stewart Enterprises. The owner has requested a 1.4 acre divided lot. This is the designated part for Family Dollar.

Stewart Enterprises applied to rezone the 1.4 acres to commercial zoning. No one made any comments or questions about the rezoning application at a public hearing held prior to the commission meeting. The commission voted to approve the application and forward it to city council.

Chairman Terry Bryson said the requested zoning designation for the property is part of the city’s street master plan.

The large-scale development plan shows Delaney Property Group of Mobile, Alabama as the developer of the project. Arnold Consulting Engineering Services Inc. of Bowling Green, Ky., submitted the application for the large-scale development permit.

According to plans, the building will be 10,500 square feet with parking in front of the building and on the west side of the store. The business address will be 905 E. Pridemore Drive.

The city’s engineer and planning staff, the engineering firm Garver of Fayetteville, recommended the plan be approved as long as a list of conditions is met.

Luke Freedole with Garver said the developer was asked to make changes to the storm water drainage plan. The property will be drained into a retention pond to the north of the building.

Ricky Hill of Satterfield Land Surveyors of Alma, who attended the commission meeting, said the developer and engineers would address drainage issues.

“I had two people tell me 100% of that would be taken care of,” Hill said.

Other conditions listed by Garver included obtaining and filing a private sewer easement, correcting any additional issues prior to construction approval, and correcting issues raised by the fire marshal.

Construction plans must be submitted for approval prior to any construction. Building permits will be issued once the building plan has been approved and facade elevations are in compliance with city code.

The Planning Commission also approved a revised large-scale development plan for Legacy Bank on Pridemore Drive and voted to approve street improvement waivers as requested by Legacy Bank.

The revised large-scale development plan significantly alters the shoreline drainage plan such that a retention pond will now be installed on the western portion of the property. The company also slightly reduced the size of the building due to the cost of materials due to the covid-19 pandemic, according to a letter to the city from McClelland Consulting Engineers Inc.

Courtney Tannehill-McNair with Garver said the Legacy Bank property is unique and limited in that it has streets on all four sides of the property, as well as utility easements. The land is surrounded by Pridemore Drive, 142nd Way, South West Avenue and South Starr Avenue.

Bryson said he was in favor of the new drainage plan, noting that 37 acres drain into the lot for the new Legacy Bank.

“The detention pond will capture what’s produced on their property,” Bryson said.

Legacy Bank requested the waivers to account for the site’s revised holding and drainage, Tannehill-McNair said.

The commission agreed that South West Avenue should be 21 feet wide without curbs or gutters or sidewalks, instead of 25 feet wide. He also agreed that the 142nd lane could be 12 feet wide with no curbs or gutters and no sidewalks on part of the street. The city has pledged to turn 142nd Way into a one-way street.

Legacy Bank’s revised large-scale development plan has been approved as long as the conditions set by the planning staff are all met.

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