Lululemon, REI and Patagonia get top marks for resale programs

In a review of brands and retailers with dedicated resale programs, Lululemon ranked third, REI fourth, and Patagonia fifth in the ThredUps* Recommerce 100 study.

“At the current rate, the number of new resale stores launched in 2022 could exceed all other resale stores launched to date,” said James Reinhart, CEO of ThredUp. “The accelerating adoption of resale is a positive signal, but for the industry to have a meaningful impact, it will take more significant investment from participating brands and retailers. The Recommerce 100 aims to make the shine a light on resale store penetration and recognize the brands that have the greatest impact through resale.

Highlights of his March 2022 study include:

  • About 41 brands with resale stores consist of 133,000 listings in total;
  • Twenty-two brands launched resale stores in 2021, and 11 launched in the first three months of 2022;
  • More than forty additional brands offer Take Back programs only;
  • Of the 41 branded resale stores identified, 25 are small private businesses;
  • Twenty brands had fewer than 200 resale store listings; and
  • Top brands are estimated to have an average resale penetration of less than 0.1% of total revenue.

The top 10 brands in the survey include:

  1. Eileen Fisher
  2. tea collection
  3. lululemon
  4. REI
  5. Patagonia
  6. Nation, Ltd.
  7. Michael Stars
  8. Kut du Kloth
  9. Levi’s
  10. Madewell

* ThredUp’s monthly index, compiled by its resale analysts, tracks brand adoption of resale and the estimated size of major brand resale stores, focusing on fashion brands and retailers that sell their brand’s used products online in the United States. the annual growth in the number of resale stores that brands launch and includes the number of resale listings in each brand’s resale store.

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