More than half of commissioners in the United States will have a curbside pickup in a month



More than 70 additional commissioners are expected to start online ordering / curbside pickup service at their stores by the end of July, according to the Defense Commissary Agency.

That’s an increase of more than six times. As of Monday, 12 stores in the continental United States had the Commissary Click2Go service, which began rolling out two years ago. That number is growing rapidly, with eight stores in North Carolina and South Carolina starting service on Monday and another on Tuesday.

But by the end of July, according to the current schedule, around 87 stores – nearly half of the 178 stores in the United States – will have online ordering / curbside pickup service. There are 236 commissaries around the world.

Commissary officials announced on June 28 that customers will have one more reason to use the online ordering / curbside pickup service in their stores: officials waive the $ 4.95 service charge for each order, until further notice. Service charges are normally waived the first 30 days after the Click2Go service is launched in a store.

“We want to establish a strong presence in e-commerce in accordance with [the Defense Commissary Agency’s] strategic goals to make the stewardship benefit accessible to as many customers as possible, â€said Bill Moore, director and CEO of DeCA, in a fee waiver announcement.

The stores launching Click2Go today are:

• South Carolina: Charleston Naval Weapons Station, Parris Island Marine Corps Recruiting Recruit, Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Force Base

• North Carolina: Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Base, Fort Bragg North, Fort Bragg South

• June 29: Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina

On June 1, officials at the police station announced that they would accelerate the deployment of Click2Go to reach all stations in the United States by the end of the year, boosted by the success of the online ordering / pickup program. curbside – and customer calls for more locations during the pandemic. The roll-out to stores overseas will begin shortly thereafter.

Col. William C. Bentley, III, Marine Corps Base Commander Quantico, takes his wallet as Quantico Commissary employees Shawna Reeves and Frederick Rogers finalize his Click2Go order in December 2019 (Rick Brink / DeCA)

Just weeks after the accelerated launch of the curbside pick-up service, Moore said, “We are delighted to be able to waive service charges for a limited time to encourage this increasingly popular convenience for our customers at take advantage of their commissariat advantage â€.

In the June 1 announcement, Moore said he envisions the commissary’s system eventually being able to offer delivery.

Managers have also made improvements to their e-commerce platform, including adding online payment capability and more product information. There are improved navigation and search functions, featured sales and promotions, and improved mobile-friendly options, such as the ability to view order history to make it easier to order products.


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