Online courses to help teachers cope with the new standard of classroom teaching



Advice on effectively using online tools to enhance the virtual classroom experience

The idea is to go beyond traditional teaching methods and innovate

The pandemic has changed the way students learn, forcing teachers to rethink the way they teach.

Forced to adapt overnight to a new teaching medium, teachers realized the need to constantly update their teaching methods.

Here are some online courses designed to help teachers go beyond traditional teaching methods and hone their skills to ensure a better learning experience for students.

1. Teach with Google Classroom by Udemy

If you’re looking for a quick, comprehensive guide to using Google Classroom, this Udemy course should be your go-to. Google Classroom, the free blended learning platform with over 150 million users, has become the leading platform for student-teacher communication. This course aims to help teachers use Google Classrooms effectively.

What is taught: The course provides a better understanding of the impact of Google Classroom on learning and teaching. It teaches best practices on how to create engaging homework. The course teaches how to use the features of Google Classroom to create courses, self-assessment tests and quizzes, assignments, announcements, and to enroll students in courses. In addition to changing classroom settings, teachers can learn how to communicate with students using the platform.

Time: The course can last a little over 4 hours.

Certificate : A certificate of achievement is issued at the end of the training.

Price: The course costs Rs 1280 but discounts may be available on the website.

2. Teaching Foundations for Learning: Being a Teacher by Coursera

The Commonwealth Education Trust offers this course through Coursera to strengthen teaching, professionalism and other skills among educators. Reflecting on professional and personal development as a teacher while being part of the Commonwealth educational community is what the course offers.

What is taught: Dennis Francis, Dean of Education at Free State University, Bloemfontein, South Africa; and John MacBeath, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, UK, are the course instructors. The eight-part course teaches educators how their learning process affects their teaching. The introspection course elaborates on the roles of a teacher as well as how he can translate his learnings into effective lessons for the students. At the end of each lesson, quizzes must be completed to move on to the next lesson.

Time: Register for free and take the course at your own pace. There are approximately 12 hours of content to go through and the course is expected to last 6 weeks.

Certificate : The course can be completed with or without certification. The certificate is shareable on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Price: The course can be enrolled for free but the free course does not offer the certificate of completion. To obtain a Certificate of Completion, one has to pay 2,152 Rs at the time of registration. Coursera Plus members (Rs 4,378 per month) can also get a certificate of completion without paying the course fee.

3. Leader of innovation and improvement of education by EdX

The MicroMasters program offered by the University of Michigan aims to enhance educational innovation, research and practice to improve education. The program on the EdX platform was created in conjunction with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education.

What is taught: The faculty includes professors from the University of Michigan as well as the President and Senior Vice President of Operations of the Carnegie Foundation. The program is divided into five courses – Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning, Designing and Leading Learning Systems, Improving Science in Education, Continuous Educational Improvement Case Studies, and Leading the Way. innovation and improved education.

Time: The self-paced course should ideally be completed in 10 months if 2-4 hours are spent per week.

Certificate : Upon completion of the five courses, one can earn the MicroMasters program certificate. This certificate can count as credit toward the completion of a master’s program, depending on the university.

Price: The five-course MicroMasters program costs £ 800.

4. How to teach online: ensuring continuity for students by FutureLearn

It’s never too late to learn how to teach effectively online. FutureLearn offers a short course for educators to learn better online teaching techniques and perform the techniques for better learning experience for students.

What is taught: The course covers the basics of getting started with online courses. It introduces educators to tools that can be used to create lessons and assessments. Educators learn the importance of obtaining student feedback and how to respond to it. Participants can be part of the teaching community by accessing and adding to the library of learning designs. Those who register will be encouraged to discuss how they can manage the personal impact of online education.

Time: By dedicating 2 hours per week, the self-paced course can be completed in 3 weeks.

Certificate : A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the course.

Price: Registration for the course is free.

5. Leaders in Learning from Harvard University

Identifying one’s learning theory and applying it to the changing learning landscape is what Harvard University offers through this course. It challenges educators to question the how, what and why of education to enhance the learning experience for students. The course is accessible on the EdX platform.

What is taught: The course is led by Richard Elmore, Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education. During the course, participants are exposed to what leadership looks like in various learning environments. They are taught how personal learning theory and the structure of an organization affect learning. The course looks at learning digital and physical form. Those who sign up will also learn how neuroscience plays a role in the future of education.

Time: The self-paced course can be taken over 10 weeks by dedicating 2 to 4 hours per week.

Certificate : It is possible to obtain a verified certificate of completion.

Price: Without certification, the course is available for free. To obtain the certificate and unlimited access to the course, the cost is US $ 139.

Last updated on December 18, 2021


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