Symbiosis center for distance education: a modern teaching hub


India, November 25, 2021: Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL), a pioneering distance learning institute based in Pune, has taken swift action to provide quality education to many students, making it one of the of the most popular distance learning foundations in India. The institute strives to provide its students with a credible and trustworthy education in line with Symbiosis and its 51-year heritage of providing quality education. The institute offers AICTE-approved graduate degree, diploma and certificate programs in more than 40 different specializations which are in high demand according to industry trends.

The Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning offers a wide range of courses in industrial fields such as agribusiness management, data science, design, financial technology, business administration, management weight, journalism and mass communication, from packaging to food marketing, supply chain management, international business, business analysis, banking and financial services, human resource management, technologies information, health care management, business and corporate law, humanities and many more. The SCDL method incorporates contemporary styles of transportation with an emphasis on books, e-learning and cooperation with the workforce. With the courses being online, students can choose them from the comfort of their own homes and without having to quit their current jobs and compromise on the current situation.

SCDL offers a Career Pursuit Program (CCP) to students who register for PG programs online. CCP has been designed to ensure that its students acquire the right range of abilities to move up the professional ladder consistently and stay up to date in accordance with industry requirements. This program aims to provide holistic development by instilling time management skills, organizational abilities, long-term planning, strategic thinking, and various other necessary skills. The 3-month program is offered to all SCDL students at no additional cost. Throughout the program, 15-20 sessions are facilitated by various industry experts who have helped thousands of students over the years. SCDL’s career continuity program can be considered exceptionally exclusive and ultimately matches very dynamic industry trends.

Students can also benefit from SCDL’s mentoring program which helps them navigate throughout the course period and helps them into the future they want. The institute’s emphasis on guidance and mentoring is extremely important for students to make the most of the knowledge gained. Students can benefit from regular engagement through live lessons and discussion sessions to nurture a strong bond with their mentors. In addition, these mentoring sessions are held regularly and provide a safe space for students to discuss their concerns. A recent survey found that 87.9% of participants wishing to enroll in a development course felt that having access to a mentor with industry experience can help them be successful and pave the way for a successful career. . Addressing all demographics, SCDL, through its mentoring program, aims to provide comprehensive development and cover all aspects of their education.

Ensuring good internships for students is a dream of every institute, but making sure that applicants choose the right path for their careers is only a few of the few. With the career discovery programs offered by SCDL and powered by the industry expert, mentoring is unquestionably a very underrated offer made by the institute. As part of the Career Discovery program, students take a psychometric test to identify their strengths and weaknesses and understand which career is best for them.

SCDL also offers a unique opportunity to relaunch a career through its exclusive career boosting program for women. According to recent studies, the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) of women is declining and has led to a low representation of 19.9% ​​of women over 15 in the Indian labor force. Additionally, a 10% increase in female representation could result in an addition of $ 770 billion to India’s GDP by 2025. In order to facilitate the same and provide a platform for women to start their second round, SCDL offers a one-of-a-kind program. The institute’s faculty lead a series of insightful lectures and sessions to address the challenges of this new age world. From discussing identified issues with work and office supervision to the need for retraining and development, SCDL provides students with the appropriate resources and guidance to facilitate their smooth return to work.

Students at the institute can benefit from the placement assistance services, such as exclusive training sessions on effective CV writing, preparing for excellent interviews, harnessing the power of social media platforms to job search, personal branding and much more. The institute runs annual job placement campaigns that include alumni and a plethora of companies. With a 10 lakh alumni base and dedicated student support services, SCDL students have the best opportunities to excel in their lives.

The Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning has strong worldwide recognition. He added another feather to his cap by representing the nation on the executive committee of AAOU (Asian Association of Open Universities), preceded by his powerful presence in international journals and the global presence of the huge alumni base. of the institute. In addition, the institute is also an active member of the International Council for Distance Education and regularly participates in activities carried out in agreement with UNESCO.

The SCDL has opened admissions for the January 2022 batch and is offering aspirants the opportunity to apply for the few remaining seats. To learn more visit – or online program / and to apply visit –

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