Teachers do not need to prepare online education for students who miss class due to COVID-19, by Friday email


Professors do not need to prepare for online education for students who miss class due to a diagnosis of COVID-19, according to an email sent to professors at Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the Trinity Dean’s Office staff.

Trinity students who are ill or in isolation are required to complete a short-term disability form “and prepare for class work as they did before the pandemic,” the email read.

A short-term incapacity form indicates that a student has missed class and cannot complete an assignment on time due to a disabling health condition. This is “a notification only,” according to the Trinity Academic Policies website.

After submitting a Disability Form, students must meet or communicate with the instructor within 48 hours “to discuss your missed work and how it will be handled according to instructor’s policy.”

If a student does not contact their instructor within 48 hours, the instructor “has no obligation to attend to your medical condition and may treat your missed work as unexcused,” the website says.

University deans may make exceptions to the 48 hour time limit in extraordinary circumstances.

According to the Duke Flexible Teaching FAQ, which was last updated on August 20, instructors weren’t supposed to provide an online option for their courses.

“We ask that you, as we do in non-pandemic times, to do your best to meet the needs of students who may not feel well and be unable to attend classes,” the website read. . “It doesn’t mean you have to provide an option online, because there may be alternative solutions. ”

The email also noted that the office “has received numerous questions” from faculty about test protocols and data, campus safety measures, and immunization reports.

As of Monday afternoon, Duke reported 111 active cases. From August 16 to 22, there were 113 positive COVID-19 tests – 95 among students and 18 among faculty and staff.

In May 2021, Duke stopped publishing information on the number of individuals in isolation and / or quarantine. On Monday, Duke had no plans to change the scorecard to include those numbers.

All students must be fully immunized to participate in on-campus activities for the fall semester, unless they have an approved medical or religious exemption. Faculty and staff must show proof of vaccination or exemption by September 1. According to the email, at least 91% of faculty and staff are vaccinated.

Milla Surjadi
| Editor-in-chief of university news

Milla Surjadi is a sophomore at Trinity and the editor of the academic news for The Chronicle’s 117th volume.

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